As a kid, I spent most of my time playing with my dolls, not as much for the game itself, but mostly for the dress up part of it. I would spent hours elaborating an outfit, accessorizing it, choosing the right hairdo, at the point that it may have been annoying for my friends. Today, as a young woman, historical costumes have become a passionate obsession. I can't stop thinking about them. That why I thought : "Hey, why can't I spent my life working with costumes?" That's how I had my wonderful mom teaching me how to sew, so I could start making my own dresses and stop annoying her to make me something.

Refine piece of fine art, showcasing a design for a princess dress, by Sarah aged 3-4. Note the 8 legs' cat on leash and realistic green sun.

Then I first graduated from a History diploma, which was somehow interesting for the research expertise, but still, my notebooks where filled with dress sketches. Then, I graduated from a Fine Arts diploma where I could boost my artistic skills. Finally, my fiancé and I moved from Québec city to Montréal so I could start a new bachelor degree in Fashion design.

Since 2011, I became a member of the Costume Society of America, which as given me the chance to meet wonderful and experienced people all around America that have the same passion as I do for costumes and textiles. 

Watch out, I'm coming!