Sunday, October 21, 2012

Victorian Corset, 1880

This corset was made from a pattern I took in the book "Corsets and Crinolines". This book is super nice, except for the little patterns/scale problem, or maybe it's just me being a human and getting it wrong. Anyway, it is made from white silk, steel boning and steel busk I got from Farthingales. 

I just have to say that steel boning is a real blessing. Since I made a lot of corsets before, and I am so tired of the cane boning breaking all the time. I do wear my corsets tight, but hey!!! come one cane thingy, do your job and don't break all the time!!! So, moral is, steel boning is soooooooooo confortable, you can squeeze your waist as much as you want, and still be able to run a little (marathons are out of the question, don't even ask.) This corset fits so well, and flatters my hourglass shape so divinely. 40% machine, 60% by hand. 

By the way, every costume I made/make is doubled in linen. Historical accuracy and comfort.

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