Sunday, October 21, 2012

Queen Anne Boleyn dress, 1530-35

This dress was made the FIRST TIME EVER my hands EVER touch a sewing machine (I was 18). But actually, I think it still looks good. There is some changes I want to make, but overhaul, I like it. This dress has a big emotional aspect to it, since at the time I made it I was getting very into the Tudor period. I did a lot of research since, that's why I want to change some little things. I love Anne Boleyn, I think she was very interesting as an intelligent and ambitious woman of her time. Poor child she has crossed path with old dear "chop-chop" Henry. 

The dress is based on Tudor Tailor, and it is made of olive green polyester taffeta. The french hood looks very nice, and fits so well with my round face. I love to wear it, it makes me feel like a Queen. I do not have good pictures of it, since the dress is to big for me now, I will work on these alternations after I lose more weigh. 50% machine, 50% by hand. 

                                                                   chubby me

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