Sunday, October 21, 2012

Princess Elizabeth dress, 1545

Queen Elizabeth I always stood as a role model to me. She inspired me through all my childhood, and I went nuts the first time my mom took me to England, especially when we visited Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle. As the time went by, I continued to be fascinated by her, and her mother Queen Anne Boleyn, so I keep reading about those two women. 

One of my first sewing project was to create a dress inspired by the portrait of the young princess Elizabeth that is showcased at Windsor Castle. There is a lot of details in this one, and this is the only picture I have, since I lost weigh, the dress is to big for me, but I intend to bring it back to my size. The pattern is based on the Tudor Tailor (dress and kirtle). I did not have time to complete the french hood at the time I made it, but I will finish it for sure. The damask fabric was bought in London at the Portobello market, my mom pointed it out to me, I almost had a heart attack when I saw it. 50% machine, 50% by hand. 

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