Sunday, October 21, 2012

Men suit, 1770-1780

I started this project a year ago for my fiancé, but did not have time to complete it yet (I guess that doesn't really matters to him!) He is very supportive of my work, and sometimes he dress up with me to make me happy, accompany me to a victorian ball and everything, but I think he isn't that much excited about this suit then I am. 

I got help from my friend Yves Raymond, a wonderful dressmaker and designer based in Québec city, for the suit since it is obviously made for a men, and I didn't know how to make pants... XVIII breeches, please! Making those breeches was a pain in the ass, so I told Stephane (my fiancé) : "They are beige, they'll look just fine with any color, so it's the only pair I am ever doing! Don't get fat or you'll go around with nothing else!" I guess that's not true... I love to dress him up! Poor Stephane!

The coat is made from stripped blue/beige/gold silk taffeta from LA and the breeches are made with beige silk taffeta. I intend to make an embroidered waistcoat... soon!

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