Monday, October 22, 2012

Fort Ticonderoga, 2011

Last summer I went to Fort Ticonderoga with my parents for a reenactment of a battle of the French and Indian War (1759's). So far, I didn't want to walk around a battlefield wearing a Robe à la française, so I made myself a Caraco made of a floral printed cotton, it was very comfortable at that time of the year. I got the fabric at IKEA, they do have really nice printed cotton for costuming! The Caraco is very plain and simple right now, but I intend to cheer it up a little. I was glad my skirt is made of polyester because it could not stop raining and the field went into mud real quick. Silk would have been a disaster. For the occasion I made myself a huge straw bicorne. 50% machine, 50% by hand. 

A tv crew stopped me by and I was asked to talk about the Québec's "Révolution Tranquille" (1960-70's). Thanks god, I was studying in History in Québec at that time, so I could talk about that subject very easily. 

my wig looked awful that day, I spent the next night redoing the hairdo

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