Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blue anglaise, 1780-1790

I felt deeply in love when I saw this beautiful blue taffeta silk in Paris. I had to buy it, it was a non-negociable need. Sometimes, I say "the fabric speaks to me", but in this case, the fabric screamed "ANGLAISE DRESS  + GAINSBOROUGH HAT!"

I went on and made the dress based on Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1, and it was quite a blast! Since I wanted a very dramatic look, I decided to go for black accents. And since my mom is so great, she made me the hat as a gift, and I styled it. The first time I wore it was at the Venice Carnival, and it made quite an impression. Wearing that hat makes you feel like being in a twilight zone. But I love hats. I often get obsessed with hats, especially in vintage clothing show. I got to try them all. The dress is 50% machine, 50% by hand. 

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